Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Am I really in Dallas?

Yes...I am really in Dallas, Texas. Five o'clock a.m. was many hours ago. I don't think I slept much last evening due to the thoughts and emotions tumble-weeding through my brain. Bits of excitement and nervousness on the eve of the Creative Photography Retreat.

Left Chattanooga promptly at 6:30 a.m. northbound to Nashville. The shuttle driver was a bit interesting. Gray haired gentleman with 11 rings (8 on his fingers and 3 in his ears) and a shiny silver Native American beltbuckle. Arrived ahead of schedule at the airport. Good news.....upgraded to FIRST CLASS for a few bucks. Ding! Ding! Ding! (sounds of Las Vegas) and I hit the "Why, of course I will" button. Used my "airport money" for a few magazines and gum. Plane loaded and departed right on time.

Listened to Wilson-Philips California Dreaming CD. Such soulful harmonies. It was difficult to contain myself from singing aloud. Don't think my sleeping neighbor would have appreciated it. Then.....on to the Partridge Family CD. Yes, you read correctly the first time. Okay, you can stop giggling now. What a way to pass the time! Sing, David, sing!

Next thing I knew we were landing. Now for the nervous part. Catching something called a Super Shuttle in the Shared Ride area of Ground Transportation in the Orange Coded Area of DFW Airport. Found it - along with zillions of other shared-ride shuttles. Finally located the Super Shuttle. Gentleman on van said I now had to wait for #345. Now did he say 3 - 4 - 5? He spoke with a rather THICK accent. Showed him the numbers on my fingers. 3 - 4 - 5? Yes. Saw van #305 go by twice. Ask thick-accent man again, "3 - 4 - 5" with visual reference. Yes. Van #305 rolls through on round number three then stops. Oh-oh. Another thick-accented man gets out and says, "Where you been?" Tried to explain, but he just shuffles me into the chariot. Oh well.

Met a wonderful young woman, Traci Fenton, who is the Founder and President of WorldBlu, a non-profit social enterprise that specializes in organizational democracy and freedom-centered leadership (if you don't get it just go to the website). She was so sweet and I wish we had further opportunity to chat. Will send her an email and give her some info on St. Augustine and Charleston.

Arrived at the Marriott at 1:00p.m., checked in and then made contact with some of my internet CPR buddies. After nice get-to-know-you session we attend our first class. This one was on the use of the Wacom Pentablet. Good class....very fast-paced teacher. After registration (which included a bag load of goodies) retired to the room for a brief moment then headed down to the Kick Off Bash with keynote speaker Lisa Bearnson. She was somewhat shaken up and emotional due the fact that she and her daughter had been in an auto accident earlier. They were unhurt but their rental car was totaled. She was very inspirational about photography, life, and just being in the moment.

Met Jessica Sprague (check out her blog) and I look forward to her class on Saturday.

Looking ahead to tomorrow.....I will be "Finding the Right Light" in the "Sweet Life" while I "Think, Create, Record" in the "Minimalist Lighting" workshops. If you don't understand the previous sentence then check back tomorrow. Same Lulu-space, same Lulu-time.

Tootles all.