Friday, December 30, 2011

The Window

I have been a little blog-neglectful lately. Holidays, parties, photo-shoots, and just good ’ole life. Yes, it has been good! But, before any kind of recap, I must share the following with you. Please enjoy…

Sometime during the early morning hours this past Tuesday, I heard the rain. It poured most of our sleeping hours and when it was time for my sweet husband to go to work, I glanced out our bedroom window and thought to myself, what a dreary day it’s going to be. With mounds of laundry staring me down, I loaded up the washer and returned to the bedroom to gather future loads. As I sat on the edge of the bed, I again glanced out the window and was instantly intrigued. I noticed the beautiful blue sky trying to come through those gray clouds.



























Since I just put a load of laundry in the washer I decided to take a few minutes, sit in the bed and observe.



























I wasn’t disappointed. It was truly spectacular!




































The clouds were moving fast and at times there was a gigantic amount of blue sky. I really thought the sun was going to come through at any moment. And it did!



















I wasn’t the only participant on this journey. Someone else was seeking the sun….
































The only sounds in the room were the rhythmic purring of the soft kitty next to me as we both were mesmerized by the window over the next hour.

















It was a spectacular hour and a half of beauty. A beauty only seen from this window. A window without any covering. A window into our backyard. A window were we love to watch branches shake on the naked trees as squirrels scamper about as they play. A window that commands a little kitty to sit upon the sill and watch. A window that allows beautiful golden sunlight to enter early in the morning and wake us to a new day. A window where I wave hello and goodbye to the man I dearly love. A window where occasionally, Cupcake Girl waves and shouts I love you as her BobBob backs out of the garage to go to work. A window that will insulate us from the cold outside as we watch limbs droop when they’re coated in ice. Then it will show us that life comes full circle as buds spring forth from the trees that are in its viewing area, only to have leaves turn brilliant colors, then fall and carpet the ground underneath. This window that is small, yet gigantic in our eyes, as it captures life changing throughout the seasons. This beautiful window that has allowed me to capture red birds, squirrels, snowy branches and a sweet Cupcake Girl and her BobBob as they make their way into the big backyard to discover what the earth has to offer them on their hike.

We love this window.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

December Goodness, So Far

Here’s a peek into the everyday goodness going on 'round here for the Merry Month of December. Not too many words, just some pics. Some of the pictures are courtesy of my camera phone and a few by the aspiring photojournalist, Cupcake Girl. Enjoy!





Yes, I take pictures of movies while at the theatre. It’s FUN! Kermit loved it too!








Thursday, December 8, 2011

If You Have Chocolate Pudding…….Make Hot Chocolate!

I must preface this post by stating that the following photographs may make you crave a delicious cup of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows. I do not take responsibility as to what you may do after reading this post. I hope you enjoy your hot chocolate as much as she did! Also, I know the quality of the photographs are rather on the blurry side, but, well, you’ll understand the photographer’s intention.

It all began with a little cup and a little cheese.









Then, an idea! How about some hot chocolate? Darn, there isn’t any in the house. But we have marshmallows. Wait, we also have some pudding. Voila!









Dude, you know, there is only one way to eat drink hot chocolate! Just dive right in!
























This is the result of a chocolate pudding hot chocolate stupor.

But the best part? Well, this is the best part…..

















Don’t you just wanna kissey that facey?!