Tuesday, November 17, 2009

39 days until Christmas


Yes, 39 days. A few weeks ago I received a several notifications for some online holiday classes. Two of the blogs I routinely visit by Kayla Aimee and Wilna are teaching a class called A DIY Holiday. They are offering new and beautiful, imaginative, artistic and inspiring projects to make every day for almost a month. Thus far we have instructions for a tutu, paper stars and a tree made from old books (very cool). These projects are beautiful and I look forward to finishing several (especially the stars). The other class I am taking is from Jessica Sprague and it is called Holidays in Hand. This is to be a great project to help tell the stories of holidays, past and present. We have just begun this series and I look forward to the daily emails with prompts for thought provoking holiday ideas. Over on Ali Edwards website we will be starting a December Daily soon. This will be an opportunity to record moments and events during the holiday season. All of these projects are related and I don’t know that I will actuallycomplete everything, but the goal is to reflect, observe, meditate and record as much a possible during this holiday season.


aving a two-year old granddaughter will no doubt transform this season into something childlike and amazing. Today we went to the mall for an hour or so and as with most retailers, Christmas decorations are already displayed (even Santa is at one of our local malls---hey, I think someone forgot to tell them they have to wait until the DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING). Mady took notice of things being slightly different. While her mom was in customer service, I took Mady to the Christmas tree/decoration section. Her little eyes sparkled with delight. The beautiful white tree with the pink, lime green and turquoise ribbons (I’ll post a picture of this tree later) and the green fir tree with red and gold decorations. She carefully touched the branches and said in her little squeaky voice, “Peatee.” Then we looked at some holiday home decorations and she loved the snowman pillow shaped like a star.

I just feel it in my bones….this is going to be a great child-like Christmas. By the way, I can’t wait until this gift arrives!!

A Little People® Nativity Set by Fisher-Price. It is so adorable!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Beautiful Clouds

On a drive home recently from Greeneville/Jonesborough, Tennessee, the sun was shining brilliantly with what I think were cirrus clouds. Just to the left and right of sun were spots that were yellow and orange. It almost looked like a rainbow was trying to form. I’m not really sure of the official name of this effect, but it sure was beautiful.

All of the pictures were taken from inside the car!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oldest Town in Tennessee

Took a trip up to Jonesborough this weekend. Spent Saturday tooling around town, browsing a few of the craft/antique shops and definitely taking some pictures. Jonesborough is full of old homes, inns and churches. It amazes me how so many of these structures have survived.

Washington County Courthouse which is the First Governmental Division ever named in honor of George Washington. 


DSC_4379The marker in front of this church states: Jonesboro (guess they changed the spelling at some point) Presbyterian Church, Organized 1790, Erected 1845 and Restored 1944.  

DSC_4388 DSC_4385






Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Look......New Post

So....my blog has been redesigned. My goal was to present it in an elegant fashion with a bit of simplicity. All of the archives, other links, etc. will be at the bottom (when I get them finished). Also, photos will be larger when posted henceforth.

I still have some tweeking, but overall I am please. Feel free to comment!