Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is It time To Pack Yet?

My mindless thoughts during the beginning stages of packing…..

Better get busy. Time’s a wastin’! At least my toes are ready. Hmmm….wonder if my striped feet will get darker? Don’t forget the tickets! Has he made his list yet? Whatever you pack and take, you have to tote yourself! Don’t overpack, because you always do. I will be fully packed by Wednesday…..hopefully. Stop the mail. Go tell the police department and neighbors that we will be gone. Print out itinerary and email the family and such. Lovin’ my new Vera Bradley tote! No cat you can’t get in the suitcase. Skipper move. Abby move. (Dogs like to get under foot). Will it fit in the smaller suitcase? Move cat.

And yes, my feet look like a zebra. Thank you sandals.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Tale of the Macaroni

The following is a tale. A true tale. A factual tale.

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She was such a cupcake of a girl. Yummy, inside and out! This little cupcake girl loved macaroni and cheese. Especially from Taco Mamacita. One day she decided to take her Aunt Reb to her favorite mac & cheese place. Oh, she was so happy! How she loved mac & cheese, how she loved Taco Mamacita and how she loved her Reb!

Because she loved her Reb immensely, she decided midway through dinner to journey two feet over and stand by her. But her Reb was in conversation with the other grown ups, so she decided to observe her surroundings. The little cupcake looks down and sees an unhappy sight...a tragedy on the floor. Seconds later her Reb takes notice, glances down, sees little hands reaching for escaped macaroni that has spilled on the floor. Before coherent words come out, little hands have grabbed a couple pieces and stuffed them into her cupcake mouth. As the little cupcake begins to munch, her Reb sees more pieces on the floor, as well as the obvious intent for cupcake girl to retrieve them all!

Her Reb calmly imparts these words of wisdom, “It’s okay, sweetie, you don’t have to eat them when they’ve been on the floor.”

No sooner than these words of wisdom were dispensed, the sweet, yummy cupcake girl ’PITS THEM OUT! No more floor-macaroni for her!

This tale was enjoyed by the following grownups: GrandBob, Lulu, Reb and a table of two, who witnessed the entire event with much delight and laughter!

I love my cupcake girl!

Disclaimer: the following pictures were not taken at the time of the event…..unfortunately! DSC_8764


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sounds Of . . .

morning. Wrens, redbirds, and bluebirds belting out musical chatter. A distinctive call followed by hammering pecking of the pileated woodpecker. Far away echoes of home construction. The loud humming buzz of the katydids. An ever so gentle breeze blowing the sheer curtains. And of course the snoring, purring and grunts of the black animals surrounding the bed. Ah…..the sounds and sights of morning.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little Cupcake Girl

She just cracks me up! DSC_1529She was explaining that she was trying to choose a sticker…..


Fun things to do with water....


The Elvis look…..


We were taking some “practice” shots for me and as I was shooting these two, little cupcakes’ mother did NOT know she was making these faces until we loaded the pictures. The pictures are bad quality but a priceless face!


More priceless faces….




And finally……


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let’s Play!

It has been a few weeks (actually, more than a few) since I have entered a photo at iheartfaces. This week the theme is play. Now that is one theme that I have many, many pictures of! It was really hard to choose, but here is the one:


I love how this captures the pure joy of playing. And what this little cupcake is playing with is….a stick. Yep. She was just tossing it around and having a grand ’ole time! You can see the stick above her head. It looks like it is part of the tree. Oh what fun!!!! Oh what JOY!!