Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is It time To Pack Yet?

My mindless thoughts during the beginning stages of packing…..

Better get busy. Time’s a wastin’! At least my toes are ready. Hmmm….wonder if my striped feet will get darker? Don’t forget the tickets! Has he made his list yet? Whatever you pack and take, you have to tote yourself! Don’t overpack, because you always do. I will be fully packed by Wednesday…..hopefully. Stop the mail. Go tell the police department and neighbors that we will be gone. Print out itinerary and email the family and such. Lovin’ my new Vera Bradley tote! No cat you can’t get in the suitcase. Skipper move. Abby move. (Dogs like to get under foot). Will it fit in the smaller suitcase? Move cat.

And yes, my feet look like a zebra. Thank you sandals.

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