Thursday, October 15, 2009

Waterfalls and Wet Feet

Today is Day 2. Up at 7:00 am to see the sunrise. Rain, clouds and no sunrise, so back to bed. After a nice breakfast at the lodge with some critter friends (squirrels, chipmunk and birds) we drove down to the actual waterfalls (where the moonbow occurs). It was raining too hard to attempt the hike. According to one of the workers, the water was up 2 1/2 feet is anticipated to crest in a couple of days. In order to get to the lower viewing spot, we had to forge water filled steps and dodge gigantic raindrops falling from the trees. Therefore, the jeans were rolled up, the shoes came off and the umbrella was opened.
Sometimes folks say....anything for a photograph. I do hope to return one day when there is a full moon to try to capture the moonbow. I must be absolutely amazing!

Following meditative time at the waterfall and surrounding area, we headed out toward our next destination - Blacksburg (home of Virginia Tech). Once again, we took the scenic route (US 25, US 58, and Virginia State Highway 61 - along with a few others). What a drive! Foliage was colorful and crisp, but still wet. Several of the pictures in the link were taken from the car. Even the two tunnel trips were photographed from the car.

You know, when you take the highways, state roads and back alley ways, you see a very different part of the country. You also see unique names of towns and local streets. We drove through Mossy Gap, Sally Gap, Snowflake, several other "gap" towns and "ville" towns. As we drove through Snowflake we noticed the street names were labels, Bobsled Drive, Icicle Drive, Blizzard Drive, Glacier Drive, Reindeer Drive, get the jest of it. We drove through a town call Dot....yes.....Dot. Just zoom in on Google Map sometime, it is crazy what some towns are called!

Another unique feature to traveling the backroads are the church signs. Okay, so here are some of the sayings that we encountered:
1. Under the same management for 2,000 years.
2. Is that your final answer?
3. How would Jesus vote?

Interesting! We also drove by a church called Hanging Rock Community Church. I think I would have picked another name for that one!

Highlights for the day:
1. Breakfast with the critters.
2. Cumberland Falls
3. Driving through 2 tunnels.
4. Driving parallel to New River as we drove through Narrows, Virginia.
5. All the colors that are springing forth (even though its fall).

What's up tomorrow? We will head up Interstates 81 and 66 to D.C. Should be about a 5 hour drive. Looking forward to staying at the JW Marriott and seeing Reb and Josh!

Here is the LINK to the pictures from today!

Till tomorrow!

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Debra said...

Hi Donna, I love these photos! I miss the Oh Shoot class and I'm not sure what to do with myself these days without it. lol I'm not taking the Portrait class until Spring, what about you? Are you taking it right now?

I hope you know about the free class that Jessica is offering....registration began yesterday. I posted about it on my blog or you can just check it out on Jessica's site of course. :)