Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beautiful Arizona Desert

Recently we made a quick weekend trip to attend a wedding just outside Tucson, Arizona. There are so many great pictures I decided to share them in little album sections (click on the slideshow to view the pictures).

The following album pictures were taken around the resort where the wedding was held, The Ritz Carlton at Dove Mountain. There were beautiful saguaro cactus all around the property, ancient petroglyphs dating back to 300 BC and beautiful views from the resort patio. The gorgeous sunset pictures were captured from a moving bus.

We had time on Saturday morning to visit the Sonoran Desert Museum. While on the road to the museum we saw a hot air balloon in the distance and as we got closer we saw it landing in a field. What a beautiful sight!


The museum was awesome. They offer great information on the land, plants and animals of the Sonoran Desert region. Volunteers were plentiful and provided a wealth of information on the plant and live animal exhibits.

Jessa and Damon’s wedding took place on one of the picturesque lawns of the resort. The ceremony was sprinkled with several personal touches which included a hupa that Jessa’s father built. Damon’s Uncle Charles performed the wedding and it was so touching and heart-warming. It was also lovely to spend the wedding weekend with extended family, especially those we haven’t seen in a while. Enjoy this little glimpse into the lovely day!

On our final day I took another little walk around the property and discovered some beautiful lime trees, a roadrunner and a Jessa’s family talking down the hupa.

What a lovely weekend! I look forward to future visits to Tucson! Now I want to end with perhaps one of my favorite pictures from the trip. My sweet husband took this with his point and shoot. I just love it!


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