Saturday, May 30, 2009

Is it really just another birthday?

My birthday was the 29th. I love my birthday, always have, always will. I love everyone's birthday. But especially MY birthday. At 12:01 am receive a text message of birthday wishes. Yay! In the bed receive a birthday kiss. Double yay! Next morning receive phone call from previous boss, but no birthday wishes (she couldn't even remember my birthday when I worked there and it was just the two of us).

Went to "new work" and had beautiful smile greeting from granddaughter after she woke. At almost 2 she's too young to know it's my birthday but I pretend she knows and that's why she smiled. Off we go to lunch with my sweet husband at his office. One of his workers calls to wish me happy birthday while enroute. (Makes up for neglect from crappy old boss.) Cute and funny birthday card awaiting. Good lunch. BBQ. My sweet Mother calls and sings in her 75 year old voice. Goosebumps! Pack up granddaughter to leave office. Have to sing to keep her awake. 30 minutes of singing. Oh no. Not feeling too great. Pre-menstral. Pre-menpausal. Need I go on?

Call from younger daughter with birthday wishes. Yay! Home now. Granddaughter staying the night. Double yay! Nap time for granddaughter. Starting to feel sorry for myself. No celebrations have been planned. Have to pick place for dinner. Husband home. Off to eat mexican. Yummy tacos. Still feeling pitiful. Back home. Play outside. Step-daughter and boyfriend call and sing (was probably reminded by husband). Bedtime for granddaughter.

Fast forward 1 hour......stupid cat trapped in granddaughter's room. Clawing at carpet and door. Good, granddaughter still asleep. Oops....not so fast, 10 minutes later, she's awake. Wide awake. Fast forward 1 hour. Try bed again. Wants to get in her Lulu's bed. Cries. Stay in her room on twin bed. Now really feeling pitiful. A few tears fall. In the quiet dark a small hand reaches up and tenderly pats an arm and says "Lulu." Tears turn to a smile. Prayer of thanks given to God for reminder about why we have birthdays. To celebrate life. Everyone's life. Even when the day doesn't live up to expectations. Happy Birthday to me.

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