Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sloan River Project

Went to Rhythm and Brews tonight for an awesome concert by Sloan River Project.

This group of guys is making a short tour this summer and I am amazed how a group of musicians can get together (after a very short period of time) and belt out such wonderful tunes. They had a mixture of old and new, the Beatles, The Byrds, Doobie Brothers and some of their own tunes.

They will be finishing up soon and I hope they might consider a CD.

I have to send special love, hugs and kisses to Josh. You are one of a kind and you make me smile everytime I hear your voice. Stephen, I love to watch you play your guitar and see the passion you have for your music. I missed seeing Ben tonight but was thrilled to witness the musical talents of Eddie (not a part of the group, but filling in), Drew and Sam, whom I met and heard for the first time.

Again, thanks guys for a special evening!!

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