Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Hair of a 2 year old!

Yesterday was a great day! A day to celebrate both the past and the future. A day to remember and a day to smile. Two years ago, yesterday, my precious granddaughter came bursting into the world (actually pulled) but anyway, she arrived with a beautiful round face, tiny little fingers and toes, two hair swirls in the back and of all things.....a mohawk. Yes, a mohawk. Ok, now boys are suppose to have this, not girls!

The mohawk became very prominate after a few weeks and I must say, it was an awesome mohawk. As the first year progressed, the mohawk began to flatten out, the fine, straight, blond hair continued to grow. During this time, her mom and I began to create a part on the side (this was based on the advice of a hairdresser--makes things easier down the road). By her first birthday some of her hair strands could be put into a sort of "Pebbles" pony tail on top of her head. Very adorable as you can see in the picture #2. I just love this picture. She looks like a little princess in this she owns the world (she owns our hearts, I know that for sure).

Two years later, she has beautiful long blond hair with a slight "That Girl" flip at the ends. She can wear a little pony, cute pigtails and even just a barrette on the side. When she stays with her Lulu and Bob-Bob, I just love to give her a bath, wash her hair then plop her on the counter and dry her hair with the blowdryer. She loves to watch me in the mirror or brush her teeth while I do my magic. As her hair has grown longer, she has learned to cover her eyes with her tiny little hands so the hair doesn't go flying into her eyeballs. Then comes the final brush and placement of the tiny barrette. Finally, off to her Bob-Bob for final approval. I hear him say, "You look beautimous! Such lovely hair!"

Yesterday, as I watched her playing and running, her hair was one particular thing that I pondered. I think for girls, (and maybe boys), hair is a sign of maturity. At least visual maturity. I know some 2 year olds don't have much hair. Mady probably falls into the other category of "alot of hair." I just seems that now, at 2, she has visually moved from baby category to toddler category, strickly based on her hair (the potty training is just around the corner).
What amazes me is that her hair looks GREAT with the just-got-up-from-bed look, sweaty look, wet hair look, beach look, sand in the hair look, dirt in the hair look, bubbles in the hair look, etc. Actually, in the past 6 months I have NOT seen a bad hair-look on the child! Mady's hair is beautiful and Mady's hair is...well, it's just MADY!
Honestly, I would just love to have her hair for one day. Virgin hair as I call it. Perfect hair. And the most important thing that I notice is: she doesn't care. She cares not what it looks like, smells like or hangs like. She just brushes it out of her eyes if necessary. Her hair is not anything to her. In her eyes it does not define her.
Unfortunately, we as a society will make it something. We already have. I already have. I think there is a lesson to be learned here. She doesn't care what her hair looks like. I wish we didn't care what ours looked like or what other folks hair looked like (sure would make morning time easier--just brush and go--no blowdryers, curling irons, flat irons, etc.)
Mady, I love you for more than your beautiful hair. I love all your little quirks, your blissful face, your silent laugh and your delicious kisses. Happy 2nd birthday Mady. Thank you for making my life (and all those around you) joyful! You are pure joy!!

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Jan said...

OMGosh - Mady is adorable! My little Maggie has the mohawk thing too! It's so funny - I'm sure you saw her crazy hair on my blog. Loved reading your thoughts about the hair. Eva is now 5 and she definitely LOVEs looking beautiful, but she's a tender-head and we have to tread carefully there. She has definite opinions on how she wants her hair. What a girly girl! ;)