Monday, September 7, 2009

The Little Things

One of the many blogs (this blog) that I follow posed a simple question to readers...."What little things make you happy?" That really sent my thought process into overdrive. At the end of the day, when you play back your events of the day, what made you happy? What made you smile or laugh?

When I think back to my early years, I believe I have somewhat always noticed certain "little things." Little things that make me smile. One that comes to mind, in which my daughters can attest to, is what I call "birds on a wire." When you are driving down the road or stopped at a traffic light, take a moment to look up at the telephone/cable wires around you. See the birds? Notice how most of the time they are also spaced equally apart. Pretty amazing I think and this makes me smile.

Clouds. Clouds also make me happy. Always changing. Sometimes fluffy, sometime dark and looming. Little clouds, big clouds. Never ending clouds. I have talked about clouds so much over the past 5 or so years, my older daughter now takes pictures of them with her cell phone!

Here is a list of some of the little things that made me happy today (in no particular order):

waking up to the little voice and pacy smile of Mady

early morning sunshine on the porch

my cell phone ringing and seeing it's my college daughter

the sound of Mady singing Rock-A-Bye-Baby to her little rock

the smell grills cooking BBQ at the park

the quiet and darkness in the house right before the storm hit then the afternoon sun that followed

hearing my husband play the guitar while I blog

my cozy bed, all messed up and waiting for its nightly inhabitants (us)

Now, maybe today or tomorrow, before you lay your head down on your pillow, think about the little things that make you happy. Then, smile. It really is the little things!

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