Sunday, January 10, 2010

You LIke to do Dishes??

Yes. I like to do dishes. I think I always have. I know that I have been doing dishes since the age of 12, if not younger. My girls, as well as others, think it a bit strange. I enjoy the bubbles, the warmth of the water on my hands, wiping the dishes with the sudsy cloth and rinsing in the refreshing, sizzling water. Ahhhhhh…….bliss.


Now some folks might just try to get a bit analytical about this, but it really isn’t anything to analyze. I just really like to do dishes. One thing I don’t do is zone out or escape into dreamland. I look out the window (if it isn’t dark) and observe. Or listen to the sounds surrounding me. My favorite time to wash dishes is when there are lots of folks around. The bustling of everyone cleaning and gathering up the dishes, the chatter and the laughter. Again….bliss. So if you need anyone to do the dishes…..let me know!DSC_6568  DSC_6579


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