Friday, April 30, 2010

Today we….

-sat in the big, brown rocker and ate strawberry yogurt while watching Curious George

-went to the bookstore in search of books about the beach…..and we found three!
-ate hamburgers with your daddy
-watered your seedlings and talked about how they are growing so big
-lay on our tummies on your bedroom floor and read your new beach books
-said prayers before naptime
-sang in the car all the way to Lulu’s house

-use scissors to cut up paper and glued them to other paper
-lay in the big bed, watched the wind blowing the leaves on the trees and fed each other pretzels like a mama and baby bird
-ate hot dogs at the baseball game
-yelled and cheered when they scored and made good plays at the game
-giggled as you knocked off your GrandBob’s hat and glasses because you were so excited about the game
-laughed as you tried to swing yourself while we were walking down the sidewalk
-gave kisses and hugs as we said goodnight when you got into your mommy and daddy’s car

Today, I said thank you to God for your sweet little soul.

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