Friday, September 9, 2011

Meemaw and Gigi

Life brings us so many blessings. One of the greatest blessings in my life is that I have two sets of in-laws. Okay, lots of folks have two sets of in-laws (and no, I am not married to two husbands), but I do have two of the best sets of in-laws.

When I was 16, Dillon and Geneva came into my life by way of their son. In 1985, they became Meemaw and Gigi to a beautiful granddaughter and in 1989 to another beautiful granddaughter. Through moves out of state, divorce from their son, my remarriage, their granddaughter’s marriage, and other life changes, they have steadfastly remained Meemaw and Gigi.



In 2007, they became great-grandparents to a beautiful little Cupcake Girl. They adore each other.



The picture above cracks me up! They were just making silly faces. Couldn’t be more perfect!

They love my sweet husband and whenever we make a trip to St. Augustine, we treasure the time that we spend with them. I wish it was more often, especially with views like below.



For 33 years these wonderful people have cared for me, laughed and cried with me, advised me and stood by me. I cherish their love and friendship. Through them, as well as my own parents, I learned about grand-parenting. Even as a young parent, I knew that one day I wanted to be a grandparent, just like them. They created a special bond with their granddaughters consisting of sweet memories and loads of laughter. I watched their beautiful relationship and knew I wanted to have that experience one day. Now? Now I am creating that special bond, storing away sweet memories and most of all, having a ton of fun!

As a grandparent, you have lived long enough to know that every single moment of the day is a gift from God. That every smile, laugh, hug, cry, and even that whine are precious. And that tiny soft hand curled in your rough, wrinkling hand connects your hearts and souls. It is so precious.

Thank you Meemaw and Gigi for loving us. All of us.

Now, a special note…..

Last Sunday Gigi celebrated a birthday. He is a quiet man, but his actions speak loud. He loves fully with his heart and soul. He speaks the truth, take it or leave it. He secretly hopes that you take it and if necessary, learn from it, but he never pushed is ideas or opinions on you. He would just state them, Again, take it or leave. He is what I call a tootler. There were many a day when I would be over at their house and he could found in the backyard or carport just tootling around. Sometimes fixing things, sometimes building and sometimes just getting the heck out of the house to be alone! He loves being outside, weather it be in his backyard, garden, creek, beach or porch. He is a great dad and an awesome grandfather.

I once read that a grandfather is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend. Grandfathers are for loving and fixing things. This, folks, sums up Gigi. And all those that know him will agree.

We are all so blessed that you are our Gigi and we love you deeply! All of us.



P.S. Happy Grandparents Day this Sunday!

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MeeMaw said...

We will ALWAYS be your MeeMaw and Gigi.