Monday, August 29, 2011

I Heart Faces | White

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this challenge! White. Not black and white. Just white. How can someone incorporate white into their photography? Not as difficult as you might think. I really gave this challenge a great deal of thought and even tried a couple of white photos this weekend. Then I remembered. The beach!

Recently we took a little vacation to the beach with our adorable Cupcake Girl. Her Mama and Daddy joined us after 6 days and before The Captain and I took off on our little road trip home, we had a photo shoot down at the beach. My sweet daughter decided early on to have the three of them wear white. This photograph is one of my favorites (and there were many). Sweet Cupcake Girl, her Daddy holding her and her Mama in the background. What a sweet photograph. What a sweet family! Just lovely!


Enjoy the color of white over at iheartfaces. Go. Take a few moments and peek at the loveliness!