Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Food Treasures

Took a little trip to Chattanooga Market late this morning. It was rather pleasant weather-wise and the place was buzzing with activity. One of the local farmers that I like to support didn’t have as big of a variety as I had hoped for. But what he did have was a gazillion yellow and red cherry tomatoes. It was crazy!

As I browsed around I saw some late-season strawberries that had just been picked this morning and decided to purchase 10 quarts. Yep. Ten quarts. Also saw some early season scuppernongs, which is in the muscadine family. My sweet mother makes the best muscadine jelly and I decided that this is the year for me to make jelly! The farmer had about 5 pints, so in my basket they went!
















I called my mother to find out her recipe and she stated she had always used the Sure Jell recipe and directions. She also told me to follow the directions exactly, do not waver any! So I visited their website for cooked jelly and printed them out. I also found a website with some very helpful information on making Strawberry Jelly (not jam), as well as canning information, from the University of Georgia National Center for Home Preservation. My second recipe for Muscadine Jelly came from A very informative website as well! This will be my first attempt at making jelly and I’m very excited. I will certainly document the adventure this week!!

So here are my treasures from today (minus the fresh goat cheese I inadvertently left in the refrigerator).















Beans, large peppers for stuffing, strawberries (2 of the 10 quarts), French Country bread, butternut squash, scuppernongs and in the very front some homemade pretzel dough bread things.

I think I’m most excited about the butternut squash. I’ve printed out three recipes from Martha Stewart to pick from. They are Curried Butternut Squash Soup, Butternut Bisque and Corn and Butternut Squash Chowder. All the recipes look delicious and I really don’t know which one I’ll choose. Thoughts anyone?
































Tonight for dinner we indulged in a little grilled cheese on the French Country Bread and I had also couldn’t resist a few of the fresh strawberries. It was ALL yummilicious!


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