Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week’s Favorites

A few of my favorite pictures from this past week….


A beautiful spider web on our deck that was only there for about 5 days. Night-time clouds while driving on the interstate. Gorgeous sunlight on the trees. Cupcake’s Dora toothbrush by the sink.


I saw this patch of sunflowers at a local church’s community garden. Couldn’t resist. Took these with my little point and shoot. I tried to stand very still to capture the small butterflies/moths on the middle picture. It wasn’t easy!


Cupcake and her sweet mama (my beautiful daughter) after her 1st day of preschool (her second year). Cupcake cutting out and baking some cookies. My favorite little cookie-man. I just LOVE the little red heart she put on him. Beautiful!


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Geneva said...

Always look forward to your blog. I find myself checking before you can get a new one ready, sooooooo I just re-read the one there. Thank you for doing this for us.

MeeMaw said...

Change that to "MeeMaw". lol