Monday, August 22, 2011

I Heart Faces | Dog and Cat

This week at iheartfaces, the challenge theme is pets. I have several animal pictures, but recently I found the following.

Skipper, the dog in the background, was enjoying a little nap with the other critter friends on the bed in what is known in our house as, The Bird Room. Cupcake sleeps in this room when she has a sleep-over therefore, there are several stuffed critters that grace the bed. Interestingly enough, one of the critters is a Jerry Garcia stuffed doll. That’s for a future post. After seeing Skipper I decided this was the opportunity to have a doggie photo session. I maneuvered a few of the critters around him for a better photo op!

Just when I was about finished the other real-life critter in our household wanted in on the action. Introducing Kitten. She plopped right down in front of Skipper and decided to hog the camera and this is what I got!




Pets are wonderful and their love is unconditional, even kitties! Want to see some cute, adorable and loveable pets/animals? The take a few moments and head over to iheartfaces and see the other entries! It will make you smile! I promise!



Kate said...

Gorgeous processing! Gorgeous Kitten and lovely depth of field!!

Traci said...

aww! This was unexpected.. I didn't think about the kitten. I love this and I love the pup in the background all blurry!