Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 4 of December - All's Quiet

Yes, all is quiet. Soft snoring in one bed and soft pacy sounds in the other. It's interesting to have the only light shine from the laptop. Quiet tapping of the keys, soft mood lighting. I kinda like this feeling.

So a little of today's adventures in Charleston. Light breakfast at the hotel then off with child and stroller to ride the DASH Trolley around town. There are several stops along the roadways with signage indicating such. After waiting approximately 15-20 minutes as one such stop we saw it....the TROLLEY. Yay! Stroller folded. Child in hand....wait....where is it going? Yes, it passed us...didn't even look our way. Great.

Found a lady handing out parking tickets and thought, okay, she'll know why. She was flabbergasted. What do you mean they didn't stop? Well, try the next one and be more persistent. More persistent? Okay, well, what more can one do besides stand in the street with a stroller and a child! Onward. Next stop. Another 15 minute wait and here it comes....and is stopping! Nice clean trolley, unfriendly driver. So, out of 2 different trolley rides, we were the only passengers. Wonder why? Could it be the unfriendliness? Maybe. But I will give them the benefit of the doubt and think they were just having a bad day.

Overall though it was a great ride through the city and the little munchkin loved it. She even told the trolley thank you after it drove away. Lunch and nap back at the hotel. Great nap. We both fell asleep in minutes. After my sweet husband's conference ended we head to James Island for the 20th Annual Festival of Lights. What an awesome show (even in the light rain). It is a 3 mile drive-through of magical lights. Truly wonderful. I remember many years ago, Callaway Gardens Fantasy In Lights (which they still have) and it being amazing. I was so glad that we could share this with Mady. She loved it and oood and awwwd over all the different light sculptures. We were able to ride the small train through some of the exhibits as well. She keep saying, "Choo-choo-choo-choo." Lovely!

Dinner back at the hotel. Yummielicious! A bit of pork loin, grilled squash and this wonderful concocation of eggplant, goat cheese and tomato sauce on a light layer of puffed pastry. WOW! It was sooooo good. Piano player was offering tunes from the Beatles (at Mady's request) and she went with our server to tip the gentleman. So sweet.

Up to the room for some reading time then lights out. Tomorrow should bring a day of carriage rides, Ft. Sumter, Christmas tree lighting and the Christmas Parade of Boats along the Cooper River through Charleston Harbor. What fun!

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