Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 1 of December

Sometime during the month of either October or November, I decided to attempt to participate in Ali Edwards December Daily as well as Jessica Sprague's Holidays in Hand. These are projects to help tell stories of our holidays, past and present. I am adapting these projects a bit with my goal being to write each day as well as take photographs. So here goes for today:

With today being Tuesday, I was keeping Mady for 1/2 day while her mama worked. Around 9ish I received my usual "I'm at work" phone call from my sweet husband. To my SHOCK and AMAZEMENT he informed me that our trip to Charleston, South Carolina, which I thought was next week, was TOMORROW. Oh my goodness, gracious! Well actually my words here, "Oh crap-ola!" I had to set the gears in motion fast for this one. Since Mady was making the journey with us, that meant extra preparations. So, washed her clothes while at her house then packed them. Called the vet to board the doggies, stopped the mail, paid a late traffic light violation (no details needed on this one) then started my packing list.

After my daughter arrived home, we decided to head out to lunch and Big Lots. Soup and sandwich at Paneras, which was yummielicious (my new made-up word). Found a great deal at Big Lots. We both saw this cute bookshelf that was in the shape of a doll house (similar to the one below).

I knew my daughter was on the lookout for a larger dollhouse for Mady and I thought that bookshelf would be the perfect dollhouse. You can add your own wallpaper, furniture and it would grow with her. Of course they were sold out so my daughter asked the worker if they would sell the floor model. He said, "Oh you don't want that. We put it together wrong." He told us were the mistakes were made but you couldn't see them. We said we wanted it anyway, so what would the discount be. After much thought and consideration he said $40. The original price was $60 (I have priced similar ones starting at $100 up to $400). WHAT A DEAL!!!! It is well made and cute and perfect. We were so excited we almost did the chest bump (well I would have but someone else would have been embarrassed). Got a few other things then headed home.

Brought Mady home with me. While she napped I caught up on email and sorted laundry. Once hubby arrived I headed to CVS for a few last minute things, picked up dinner then started the washing/packing process. One forgets what it's like to pack for little ones. Pretty easy to pack for 2 adults but add a little munchkin in the mix and you DOUBLE your time. She is so excited in her two year old way. She is excited about "hakin" (hiking).

We will head to Columbia, South Carolina tomorrow for an overnight stay then will visit Congaree National Park on Thursday. This is the most recently established National Park. What a gem this place is! It's like walking on the water through a swamp. Simply amazing. We will head to Charleston after our swamp visit. We will be staying at the Francis Marion Hotel. Plans are to visit Fort Sumter, view the annual holiday parade of boats and eat at Jack's Cosmic Dog (you really need to eat there) and who-knows-what-else!

Quick story from Big Lots. After getting the final okay on the dollhouse/bookshelf we browsed around then started to make our way back to the furniture section. My daughter said, "Okay, let's go find that old guy now." Once we arrived at the furniture section, old guy was helping another customer so we patiently waited. After about 5+ minutes sweet little Mady said, "Where is the old guy?" I laughed so hard! Then I watched the wonderful mother of Mady blush from the tip of her toes to the top of her head! My sweet little cupcake! She makes me laugh!

Looking forward to tomorrow!

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