Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Potty and a Movie

Wow! Today was an eventful day! After getting ready for the Wednesday Playdate, Mady was tooling around without any clothes one. As I was getting things together she said, “O-oh” which usually means she as tinkled on the floor. I look but didn’t see anything so I asked her if she wanted to go use the potty. She said yes and we slowing made out way to the bathroom. Up on the potty and then…..yep……tinkle time! And not just a few drops mind you but a gushing waterfall. I’m not sure who was shocked more. I call her Bob-Bob and we did the You Tinkled in the Potty Dance. It was quite and event!

We were off to the IMAX to see Polar Express (in 3-D). As we rounded the corner in the car we were met with school busses. LOTS of school busses. We already had our tickets so we parked and trudge ahead, wondering what this would be like. The IMAX had us sit on the top row BEHIND all the elementary kids. Thank you IMAX! From the beginning of the movie, Mady was mesmerized. She tried to wear her 3-D glasses, but they were much too big and kept falling down. She was able to see some of the 3-D action. She only got fidgety around the last 2-3 minutes. What a great movie! We will definitely visit again. We were off to Taco Mamacita for lunch. After we ate, we revisited the days events. Wow Mady, you have had a BIG day. You tinkled in the potty and you sat through a whole big girl movie. (clap, clap, clap) Then Mady followed with a Thank you, Thank you, Thank you while nodding her head. It was as if she were accepting an Emmy! Too funny!



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