Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Cake and A Mother’s Day

I made a cake today. From scratch. In my new kitchen. On my new granite and in my new oven. But I can’t find my cake pans, so I had to use the disposable kind. Ugh! Not pretty. As I was sifting, measuring and mixing on this beautiful Mother’s Day, I was transported to the past. A past when I was a little girl, sifting, measuring, mixing and most importantly…..licking the bowl. That delicious bowl of chocolate goodness.

Mother always made our birthday cakes (and any other event) from scratch. Her mother taught her and she taught me. When to crack and add the eggs, how to sift the flour/salt/soda, grease and flour the pans, operate a mixer, and make a lopsided cake look even. After my yucky, disposable cake pans we baked those layers in the oven, I noticed it. Yep. That lovely lopsided-ness! So I took out the handy-dandy-serrated knife and make it even. After the yummilicious frosting was added, it turned into a thing of beauty. Well, sorta of. I still have the 80’s cake storage thing instead of the lovely cake pedistals that are out today. But, you know, it doesn’t matter. That storage thing is just like the one my mother had. Again, memories.

But before the cake was finished, while the layers were baking in the yucky cake pans, I looked in the mixing bowl. Should I? Of course I should. I got that spatcula and I licked that bowl clean! Ahhhh! Delicious! Just like the old days!

Thank you Mother! Thank you for teaching me, loving me and showing me the way. The way to mother and especially the way to grandmother. I love you and Happy Mother’s Day!DSC_0996

To Sally….thank you for your friendship, your love and the joy that you surround me with. I love coming to visit you. I actually get all giddy inside. I can’t get there fast enough! I love how you pamper and take care of this grown-up daughter-in-law. I love the food your prepare and the way your beautiful house makes me feel all cozy. I LOVE crafting with you! I love how you came into the lives of three boys men and took care of them and nurtured them. That takes a very dedicated and special person to do that. I just plain love you! Happy Mother’s Day!

And to Geneva, my first mother-in-law. I have known you since I was 16. You mean so much to me. I know we may not talk often, but I do think of you often. You also taught me how to “grandmother” and for that I am grateful. Our “days after” Thanksgiving and Christmas and all of our shopping adventures, well, they were, and are, priceless! I treasure our walks on the beach still and look forward to more. Thank you for loving me. Happy Mother’s Day.

Lastly, thank you Grandmother. For all the joy that you brought me as a little girl and as a grown-up girl. You are the ultimate Grandmother!! I miss you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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ina said...

Happy Mother's Day! I'm dropping by your blog from your post in our photography class. :)

I was reading about the cake you made, and was a bit disappointed not to see photos of the cake! I'm loving your other food photography though. :)