Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back Home

Aloha! Yes, we are back. We arrived to our cozy nook Sunday evening, a little after midnight. As you may have noticed, my last blog entry was July 8. Unfortunately we did not have internet access while on Kauai. Really? This day and time, what facility does not offer some type of internet access! Wow!

After leaving Kauai on Tuesday evening the 13th, we were welcomed with 108 degree temps in the lovely town of Boulder City, Nevada. Yes, it was around 108 degrees by 9 o’clock-ish. Another WOW! Dry, desert heat. At least it wasn’t muggy (been there, done that in the great states of Florida, Georgia and Tennessee).

While visiting with the Nelsons in Boulder City, I just couldn’t find the time to catch up on any blogging. Actually, I didn’t want to make the time. Pure enjoyment and relaxation! More delicious eating and lovely company. My sweet husband’s daughter, Rebecca, flew out from Virginia to visit with all of us as well. It was just grand! I think I was more sad to leave there than Hawaii. Really. Honestly. Well, except for the heat thing.

We chatted about old trips, looked at old pictures, found new blogs to explore, ate yummy-licious fruit, crispy kale, smoked salmon, hummus, etc. I could go on and on. Saw about 50 big horn sheep. That was pretty awesome! Also went into Las Vegas to see The Beatles LOVE. This was our 3rd visit. We took Reb and Bobby (friend of husband) for their first visit. Just can’t get enough of LOVE!

Another highlight, for me, was having lunch with Miss Amy Arnaz. She studied ballet and owned a ballet school for 27 years. She also lives in Boulder City. We have lurked on each other’s blog for a few months and I was excited to finally meet her. Lunch was fun, but too short. Amy, I look forward to a continued friendship and future lunches!

I know I am not doing a great job at catching up on our Kauai visit with this post. I think I’m a bit overwhelmed by the photos. I took somewhere around 3.500 and kept a little over 2,000. I will document the remaining days soon, because I don’t want to forget, as I so easily do. I also have to move all the photos to my EHD (external hard drive) and then I can edit them a little in lightroom/photoshop (but not all 2,000).

So, that said, I will continue to post and catch up our glorious trip to the islands!

For today, I will leave you with this cute Little Cupcake picture in her new grass skirt! You should see her do the hula! She loves hearing the grass skirt swish!

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Amy Arnaz said...

Hi Donna~
I'm lurking (love that!) on your blog tonight. Thank you for mentioning me in your post about your trip. Once again, your photos are the best. Love the hula skirt. xoxo Amy