Friday, December 17, 2010

Sing Baby Sing!

What is it about little kiddies music programs? I mean, they are so darn cute! Those sweet little voices, bodies jumping up and down with excitement, the enthusiastic waves at mom and dad and the light in their eyes when they finally see mom and dad. Such joy and jubilation in those little spirited angels!

Cupcake Girl had her first music program at her preschool. Oh what FUN! Her mama was soooo proud. We stood on opposite sides of the room. Me with camera in hand and her with her video camera. GrandBob had the center view. Her mama said she was excited and wanted to make sure that she (her mama) would clap for her (Cupcake Girl). I look over at her mama a few times and could she her welling up with tears!

Yes, I remember those first music programs. Oh the memories!


Looking for mama. Oh she sees GrandBob first, then Nunu and finally mama!
































And sing she did!








This picture on the left just cracked me up. One little one digging for gold, one looks distressed, one looking bored and one wishing this thing were over. Little Cupcake Girl, well, she was actually paying attention! Then in the picture on the right she decided that the action behind her was worth observing more so than the action in front! Funny!


Amy Arnaz said...

Donna~ The photos are precious... again. I am envious of your skill in that arena. Popped in to wish you a very Happy New Year and my wish for continued health & happiness in your life. xoxo Amy

Steve Finnell said...

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