Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Little Bit of Christmas

I love Christmas stockings. I have looked for new stockings for several years now and finally fulfilled my wishes at Hobby Lobby. They all coordinate well with each other and looked really pretty over the fireplace. Mine and The Captain’s flank each end and Cupcake’s is in the middle. The rest of the gang are the 8 red stockings.
















I love the challenge of finding items to fit in stockings and I try to pack in as much as possible. This year? They were packed to the brim! I started “stocking shopping” around September and got some really good deals! Cupcake Girl really enjoyed Christmas this year. She had Advent Bags at her house with a daily dose of the Birth Story, bits of the Nativity to put in a stable and other little goodies. Her Christmas stocking was a real treat for her and after she finished with her stocking she even helped her Aunt KK dig into hers (even though KK had already finished and repack hers!)




















































The entire holiday time was wonderful. We missed having Reb and Josh here, but thought about them often. We also missed our sweet Abby dog. She left us on December 22 after 14 years.

And now for a parting shot……..














More on this Mad Scientist later…….

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