Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Adventures of Mr. Tom

We decided to take a companion along with us on our trip to Nevada/Utah. Normally we would have chosen John Brown, the abolitionist, but he decided to stay with Cupcake Girl. So, the lucky one is Tom, a.k.a. Mr. Commodore.

He is so excited. He hasn't flown before and he was a bit nervous. But after a good night's sleep, his fears subsided a bit. He loved staying at the new, ultra-modern Springhill Suites. He said it was fabuloso!

11 11_40_36 AM

When we got to the airport he wanted to see the big airplane. He was so excited!

11 11_41_07 AM

11 11_41_19 AM

Once on the plane Tom made sure he had some reading material and that he watched the safety video.

11 11_41_47 AM

11 11_41_56 AM

He even helped The Captain with the crossword puzzle.

11 11_41_38 AM

After cleaning up he had a little bite to eat.

11 11_42_04 AM

11 11_42_11 AM

Stay tuned for more of The Adventures of Tom!!!

P.S. Tom sends his love to Cupcake Girl!

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