Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Two Day Update

Due to the very poor quality of the internet at the previous 2 nights lodging....I am happy to report, we have great access now! So, here is a little update.
I just had to start with that!
Now back to the regularly scheduled blogging. We spent yesterday morning in the town of St. George. Our guide was Dr. Alder. He was a former president of Dixie College, retired, then went back to teaching. He was excellent! Great sense of humor and presented the history with a "first-person" approach. We visited the Morman Tabernacle (not Temple) that was built in the late 1700's, an Opera House, an old Courthouse/Jail, then lunched at the college in the cafeteria. Great food!
Now here is a funny story. We were the last to filter in to the Courthouse and Dr. Alder was the "presiding judge." As we entered he was saying, "Jim Nelson? Jim Nelson?" The look on the Captain's face was priceless. Judge Alder had him sit in a chair at the very front, then preceded to cross examine him. His offense was watering out of turn. He was found guilty and punished by having to water at 2:00 pm for four hours for four days. Now that may not seem harsh, but it would be in 115 degree temperature. The group got a kick out of the banter between judge and defendant. The Captain performed quite well.
Following lunch we headed out to Snow Canyon State Park. It was beautiful! Bright blue sky and mountainous, fluffy clouds. Could not have been a better day!
Dinner at Chuck-A-Rama was actually quite good. Lots of food choices!
After rising at an awful hour, we loaded up and headed to Zion National Park. It was a bit frigid at first, especially with the wind blowing at what felt like 20 mph. Zion was breathtaking.
If you would like to see a zillion more pictures (not that many, I promise) you can click on the following:
Snow Canyon (mine)
Snow Canyon (The Captain)
Zion (mine)
Zion (The Captain)
Late today we arrived at Ruby's Inn at Bryce Canyon National Park . Snow showers are predicted for tomorrow and the low tonight should be around 15. Ugh! So, we hike in the cold and probably a bit of snow tomorrow. It promises to be a great day......if I don't freeze!
Lastly, here is how much Mr. Tom enjoyed today......


Traci said...

Alright mom.. this is so your calling. I know you enjoy photography of people and of course food but really, you need to travel the world (with me of course) and take pictures of nature. Really.. not just saying.. I really think magazines, tour guides, pamplets, framing companies would buy your photography! I am blown away.. Simply blown away. I have already picked out what I want framed for my house and to think your trip has just started. WOW..

Traci said...

p.s. I bet you can guess what is my fav on this page.. and no, it isnt with tom in it. that would be Mady's favorite.