Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday My Darling

Early this week was The Captain’s birthday. Cupcake Girl and I took him some balloons the day before his birthday and had a delicious Mexican lunch.














On his birthday I treated him to one of his favorite restaurants, Alleia. We were delightfully join by Kayla and Josh and were thrilled that they both tried entrees they have never tasted. Duck and quail. Yep, duck and quail. The duck was tasty but a little gamey and the quail had a great flavor. Delightful company and yummilicious food!





























Just when The Captain thought his birthday celebration was over, surprise! I planned a little party at the Lookout’s and invited friends and family. He knew we were attending the game, but didn’t know about the party part. After we entered the party deck he was the last to show his ticket to get through the door. The guy checking tickets wouldn’t let him through because he said he had the wrong ticket. It could not have been more perfect and it wasn’t even planned. I told the guy that he had to let him in because this party was for HIM! Surprise! We had a great time. It was the perfect night for a game and a party!








We were also treated to the vocals of Lauren Alaina, one of the last three contestants on American Idol and a local girl from Rossville, Georgia. Lauren threw out the first pitch AND sang God Bless America. She was a cutie throwing out the first pitch. Good luck Lauren, we are all pulling for you to win!








A little extra treat was a beautiful partial rainbow that popped up toward the south end of the city. It was perhaps the widest rainbow I have ever seen.













We may not have watched too much of the game (sorry Lookouts) but we all enjoyed ourselves and especially enjoyed celebrating with my sweet husband. Happy birthday my sweet husband! A special thank you to: Traci, Zak, Mady, Beanie, Trone, Scotty, Pat, Norm, Bev, Kayla, Josh, Kristen, Paxston, Lauren, and Jason. You made the party perfect!































These last four pictures just make me smile. They are so sweet!


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