Sunday, July 24, 2011

Martha, Martha, Martha!

Back in the early 90’s I started watching Martha Stewart Holiday specials and her half-hour shows based on her books and magazine Martha Stewart Living. She really appealed to me with her quiet, down-to-earth approach, as well as her cooking and entertaining knowledge. She was also very funny. I loved her then and I love her still.

After returning from a trip visiting my parents I saw a billboard with her picture on it. She was coming to Chattanooga! Woo-hoo! For the third consecutive year, Chattanooga was host to She An Expo for Women. I previously attended in 2009 and had the pleasure of hearing Paula Deen. I remembered how I waited for an hour and a half in an enormous line to get Paula Deen’s autograph. Sorry to say, I didn’t advance very far in that line, but I still got to see her cook and hear her stories.

After pulling in the garage my feet hit the stairs with a bang and I ran to my computer. I found the website information and saw the tab to purchase tickets in advance. Hmmmm. Then I saw it. Just exactly what I wanted. A VIP ticket. With these tickets I would have the opportunity to get her autograph AND have a personal picture taken with her. OH WOW!! All I had to do was click that button and buy that ticket! Then, wait for 3 weeks for the event.

After returning from our great vacation, I started to get excited about seeing her. Up close and personal! So the day rolled around and my younger just-graduated-from-college daughter was my companion. She didn’t get to go in the private room with me, but she waited just outside and I kept her updated with texts and phone pictures. I’m sure she was laughing and rolling her eyes at my crazy childlike excitement.

There were probably about 75ish “Martha fans” and we all gathered around as she entered the room. Me? I was up close with camera in hand.











First impressions? She looked thinner than she does on TV, she has great hair, awesome shoes and I have such a hard time believing this woman is 69!

She was gracious, quiet and, as I said before, so down to earth. When I think about folks with celebrity status, I often ask myself, “Is this someone I could sit down to supper with and have a regular, everyday conversation?”

So Martha, what did you have for breakfast this morning?
Are your chickens laying good eggs these days?
Yea, I hate laundry too, but I don’t mind ironing.
Sure, I’ll be glad to help with that unfinished sewing project on your craft table.
Aren’t grandbabies the best?!
Next time it will be my treat. I’ll even fix you some gazpacho.

Yep. Martha and I would get along real swell!

I have several of Martha’s books, but decided to take my Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts for her to autograph. The guy in front of me (there were a few males there) had a book and a spoon. Since we were allowed only one item to autograph, he had a friend hold his spoon. Now that was a pretty awesome item to autograph!

2011-07-17 12.55.12DSC_0299








In our short 30 second eye-to-eye conversation she said she loves Chattanooga and looks forward to visiting again. She also said that everyone has been so nice and that she was very pleased to meet me and autograph my book. Then she said happy sewing! I know she tells everyone this, but the thing is, I believe she is genuinely sincere.









Our autograph session was followed by a picture session and then is was off to listen to her interview.









Here are some interesting Martha Facts:

-She was an occasional babysitter for the children of Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra and Gil McDougald of the New York Yankees.

-She graduated from Barnard College with a double major in History and Architectural History. Originally she intended to be a Chemistry major.

-She has been struck by lightening 3 times.

-She loves rap music.

This truly was a highlight in my life and I will treasure the memories, be they ever so short!

Thanks Martha and see you soon!

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