Friday, July 15, 2011

Restart, Again

You know, I started out pretty good. Take pictures, upload pictures, get up early in the morning and blog. Next day, repeat. Somehow, it just didn’t work. Especially when we left St. Augustine for our road trip. Assorted hotels, varying internet connections, days spent roaming or driving, etc. The thoughts were there, but the time and energy were caput!

So here is a small recap of our two weeks:

15 days away from home
6 states covered
2,300+ miles driven
5+ hours riding on a golf cart
6 hotels/condos checked into
40+ hours driving in the car
7+ dozen oysters consumed
1 whole lobster inhaled
1 minnow captured, held captive, then buried
2 dolphins fed and loved
4 sandcastles erected, then destroyed
40+ seagulls feed over 2 days
8 sunrises witnessed
3 sunsets beheld
1 huge battleship explored
2 orders of beignets devoured, with coffee
2 tours appreciated
2 great-grandparents embraced
1 daughter & 1 son-in-law made happy
1 Cupcake Girl snuggled, loved, kissed and missed

There is more. So much more. I will record it. I have the pictures and I will surround them with words.

The words just don’t seem to rise or spring forth or flow or whatever you want to call it. I want them to and I wait. And I wait.

Still waiting.


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