Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Birds

This isn't a post about the movie The Birds or the musical group The Birds, just in case you were directed here by google or something. This is about Cupcake feeding the seagulls.

After a day of trolley riding and fort exploring, we had some late afternoon beach time. I took a little leftover bread down with us in hopes of capturing some shots of Cupcake feeding the seagulls. I saw one or two fly by as we were playing and thought, well, it only takes one bird to start the process then the others will come. Yep, the others certainly came.

 Okay, the next batter is in the box and relief pitcher Mad Dog Cupcake is up.

 She's in her wind up.....

There she goes.........

Oh no, she throws the switch-hands-pitch and it's a STRIKE!

Oh, her birds friends loved her!

After a tough day of pitching, it's back to the clubhouse for this relief pitcher.

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Amy Arnaz said...

Beautiful photos Donna. Love Cupcake in her cute bathin' suit. xoxo Amy