Monday, June 13, 2011

The Traveling Adventurers

Following my daughter’s college graduation, we took a little side trip to a swamp. Therefore, after my husband’s oldest daughter’s seminary graduation, another side trip was in order. We turned our little car south-east our of Alexandria, Virginia and headed for Jamestown and Williamsburg, Virginia. We didn’t know if we would be overnighting there, but we at least wanted to visit.

As we headed to Jamestown, I noticed signs for the Jamestown Settlement Museum. It looked just like the place we wanted to see. After the walking tour we realized it was not exactly the place we had hoped it would be. It is a living museum, but not as authentic as we had hoped. On the positive side, it did make a great backdrop for some beautiful photography shots!















After this quick stop we headed out to Jamestown Island. This isthmus was once the seat of government for Jamestown and then developed into large plantations. From the island's rim, Confederate forts guarded the river channel during the Civil War. Today, the  5-mile Island Drive gives you views of the James River, the marshlands, and regenerating forest. It is a nice quiet place to hike and bike.








Our next stop was Colonial Williamsburg. We actually just drove around the historic area in order to scope it our for a future visit. It certainly looks promising. I’ve heard it is beautiful at Christmas. A future trip will be scheduled, that’s for sure!

After deciding not to stay overnight, we headed south/southwest and drove all the way home. After a 1:00 a.m. arrival our cozy bed welcomed us for a long night’s sleep!


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