Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And Now An Ordination

First a seminary graduation and now? A beautiful ordination. My husband’s oldest daughter, Rebecca completed 3 years at Virginia Theological Seminary and was ordained to the Sacred Order of Deacon a week ago. The service was celebrated at Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church. This gorgeous church was built in 1881, and their Nave is on the National Register of Historic Buildings.

We decided to take Cupcake Girl to the celebration for “her Reb.” She was so quiet and a very patient little girl for the hour and a half service. She kept looking for “her Reb” throughout the service and every time she made eye-contact Cupcake would just grin. At one point, she caught Rebecca’s reflection in a side mirror and oh, that made her so happy!

The ordination was moving. Beautiful music, a heartfelt message, laying on of hands by the presiding Bishop and the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist. I didn’t grow up in the Episcopal Church (I’m a Baptist girl), but I am moved by their services and enjoy each and every one I have attend over the years.

Here are a few glimpses into this beautiful ceremony.









Rebecca’s mother presented her with her red stole. This stole has a history in that each VTS graduating senior will hand it down to a upcoming senior the following year for their ordination (I hope I have that correct, Reb). I believe this particular stole began it’s journey around the late 90’s. I had the privilege to photograph it. I seriously could feel the power this gift had and know it will continue to bring joy to each ordinate it will grace in the future.


































Post-ceremony pictures.









The picture on the left is Rebecca’s presenters for her ordination. Her friend Tommy, former boss Billy and her sweet husband Josh. On the right is Rebecca’s godfather, Bruce.

















And now for a few family pictures. Brother-in-law, mom, sister, dad, husband and then her aunts and mom.









And now here are some of my favorites of the day…



























































And now for my absolute favorite from the day. Sheer joy and happiness!















Rebecca, I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. I know in my heart that you will be a tireless and excellent servant of God and your new church and community are blessed to have you and Josh. Blessings to you both as you serve the Good Samaritan Episcopal Church in San Diego, California.

P.S. Glad you have that extra bedroom for when we come visit!!!!

P.S. Cupcake Girl really misses you!

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Rebecca Nelson Edwards said...

Thanks, Lulu, for the lovely post and amazing pictures!