Sunday, June 12, 2011

Segging on a Segway

Now comes the adventurous portion of our D.C. trip.

My sweet husband and I headed into Washington, D.C. to spend a few hours at the National Museum of the American Indian. A truly fascinating place! Reb and Josh headed in a bit later to meet us for lunch at the museum’s food court. Delicious!

On a previous trip to D.C., the Captain and I took a Segway tour. It was exciting, but also a bit scary. I just couldn’t relax and looked serious and stiff the entire time. This did make for some hilarious videos, I will admit. Reb and Josh were excited to try this Segway adventure, but me, again? Not so much! I just didn’t want to fall. I was really scared of falling. As long as I can speed along on a flat surface without any folks, cars, or obstacles around, well, that would be just dandy with me. This time? A few not-so-flat-surfaces and LOTS of folks/cars/obstacles to weave in and out of. Scary! I just hung out at the back of our 7-person pack and took it slow and easy.

During the first portion of our little tour I was feeling a bit more relaxed. Actually, I was relaxed enough to snap a few photos with my phone WHILE on the Segway machine!

2011-05-20 15.50.452011-05-20 16.11.51






2011-05-20 16.12.042011-05-20 16.26.37






2011-05-20 16.40.59















I am so proud of the above camera phone pic AND I took it while standing on that Segway machine!

2011-05-20 16.18.52SAMSUNG













I think I look pretty relaxed, don’t you?

2011-05-20 16.27.142011-05-20 16.33.50









Then? Then IT happened! Doom. despair and tragedy on me! We were traveling down the sideway and there was a GIGANTIC obstacle in our path. We had to maneuver through the grass a short distance then back up on the sidewalk through a very narrow concrete barrier. Grass? No one said anything about grass? Ok. Well, that part was pretty simple. But the slight raise of the sidewalk and the concrete barrier did me in! I was already anxious and that didn’t help matters. I didn’t actually fall off, but I did step backwards and the Segway, which took a turn to the right, collided with my leg and my leg then collided with the concrete barrier. Our guide was back there in a flash. I told him I was okay, but I could feel a little trickle of liquid rolling down my shin. With a quiet grace, humility and a throbbing leg, I finished the tour. Boy was I ready to dismount that machine!

I didn’t tell any of the others about my injury until we were back at the hotel. Doesn’t look too bad in the pictures, but I did get a very nasty bruise on the inner part of my upper calf (and it’s still there). Thank you Mr. Segway!

2011-05-20 18.35.422011-05-20 18.37.19














After the tour, we took the train back to Alexandria and while we were waiting, I snapped a few more pics with my camera phone. Pretty cool!

2011-05-20 17.39.322011-05-20 17.40.01








We ended this adventurous day with a great dinner at a local restaurant. I forgot the name of it, but it was yummilicious and uber cool!

















The following morning, after a quick breakfast we turned out car south and headed home. Of course, with us “adventurous travelers” we don’t always go straight home. Stay tuned!


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