Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Week of Camp Mady

We’ve been back for 3 weeks now. Seems longer. I look around and the house is dusty and a mess, laundry is piled up, dishes are not washed, no food in the pantry or frig, one suitcase of goodies still not unpacked, and the list could go on.

Doesn’t matter though, because the past week was heaven! It was Camp Mady Week. We played with bubbles, colored, painted, sang and danced our hearts out, watched our her favorite TV shows, sat in a tiny pool and had lunch (well one of us sat – the adult one), went out to dinner twice, dined at the Sweet Gipsy Cafe, played a new Fancy Nancy game, bought some new Calico Critters, went to 2 toy stores, bought more bubbles, strolled around Walmart, went swimming at the YMCA, cooked her favorite macaroni and cheese and read a zillion books (Fancy Nancy, Funnybunny, Wild Animal Baby Magazines, Dr. Seuss’s If I Ran the Zoo, to name a few). Five days and four nights of just us - Cupcake Girl, Lulu and GrandBob.
























She’s not literally foaming at the mouth, it’s foam toothpaste.









New Fancy Nancy doll and books. I love Fancy Nancy!

Cupcake Girl was recovering from a slight cold and mild croup, so she wasn’t her usual goofy self. She would have spurts of energy, crash and cycle all over again. By week’s end, she was her usual talkative, goofy self and was exuberant to see her mom and dad Friday evening.

Usually she is full of clever conversations, but not-so-much while having the sicklies. Yet, on Friday evening, while we were strolling through Walmart, again, but this time accompanied by her mom, I was relaying the good news of Mady napping on two occasions without a pull-up. Her mom was so excited that she scooped her up, slathered her with kisses and told her how proud she was of her big girl. At this point, that cute little Cupcake remarked with a slight giggle to her mom, “I’m so proud of you too for sleeping in panties!”  Yes, she is feeling up to par now!

As we turn the corner to the start of another week, the house will probably continue in its disheveled state, some of the laundry HAS to be done, dishes may get washed and the suitcase of goodies may get unpacked or just moved to a new location, but I won’t count the chickens just yet. The coming week brings another time of celebration! Cupcake’s 3rd birthday! Preparations have begun, but there is much to do.











This painting reminds me of my disheveled house!

There are new finds have to be cleaned and prepared. These finds were purchased from the Highway 127-World’s Longest Yard Sale. This is a once a year event that spans 654 miles and several states from Ohio to Alabama, where folks gather together to sell their unwanted items along Highway 127.  It is known as the longest yard sale in the world and it runs right though our little town. I ventured out today and in the course of 2 hours found some outstanding treasures (pictures will follow later in the week of some of the finds). Part of the treasure trove is a baby cradle and baby highchair for Cupcake Girl. She. Will. Be. Thrilled. Other treasures included some vintage linens to make a new cradle mattress and pillows. Yes, it will be a busy week. Cupcake’s birthday party is Saturday, so I best get a move on!

I end this post with my adorable Abby dog. She found a comfy spot between Jerry Garcia and Dolly Porpoise while I was blogging. She has good taste!


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Amy Arnaz said...

Once again, exquisite photos. Part of the credit must certainly go to your models. Nothing could be cuter.
~ Amy