Monday, August 2, 2010


Oswald is little Cupcake’s octopus.

He is super-soft and orange. He has 8 legs tentacles. He is an impressive pacy transporter/protector. Just put said pacy on said tentacle or even 8 pacies on all 8 tentacles and voilà, they don’t fall off.












His namesake is the cartoon Oswald, created by Dan Yaccarino, with the awesome voice of Fred Savage. It is my her our favorite cartoon. Take 30 minutes out of your day sometime and watch it. It will make you smile. I promise (thank you Dan and Fred).

Cupcake’s Oswald has a fraternal twin named Oscar. He is not-as-soft, orange, 8 tentacles, but a bigger smile. Sometimes he lives at our house and sometime he visits his twin, Oswald. There is also Baby. Baby is, of course, a baby Oswald. Identical. Smaller.

Due to the ever-growing attachment between Oswald and Cupcake, Oscar and Baby were purchased from the same retailer birthplace. In case Oswald inadvertently didn’t make it to our house, well, there would be Oscar. And of course Baby would be great for the car. Currently Baby resides at our house and Oscar, well he sort of comes and goes. But Oswald, he gets top billing.























Oswald loves to sleep on Cupcake’s head, belly, back, or legs. He may not start out in those locations, but he ends up there. Oswald is loved for the octopus that he is, but he also has a hidden treasure. A tag. Yes, a tag. Currently a tattered, shriveled tag, but none-the-less, a tag.

A tag that the fingers of an almost 3-year old love. The soft, silky feeling of that tattered tag between the pinky and ring finger. Comfort. Coziness. Peace and order in her universe.






















And IF that tag someday disintegrates? Well, that’s were Baby and Oscar step up to the plate. All three octopuses have identical tags. Surgery will be performed on Baby first, then, if needed at a later time, Oscar. This was part of their calling in life. To give of their heart, soul and finally, their tag. In return they will be hugged and kissed unceasingly or at least until Oswald recovers.

In his short life, Oswald has only ventured between houses. Cupcake’s house, Lulu’s house and Nana’s house. There have been some short rides to the mall, Target or the grocery store. But he usually remains on guard in the car.

He actually did manage to tag along (no pun intended) on a walking adventure of the Chattanooga Nature Center.











It was short, quick and he got a little winded (or maybe it was the grandparents who got winded from toting his 8 plump tentacles around). Anyway, it was decided that he should remain in the car next time.

Recently though, Oswald had his first BIG adventure. He rode the TRAIN! Cupcake showed him all the train things.

The engine, DSC_0169










the cars (there were not-so-rusted ones attached to the engine),










the seats,










the windows and all the world passing by as they looked out the window.










It was glorious. He was held, loved, talked to and squished to pieces. And while Cupcake and her GrandBob ventured outside to see the engine turn around, Oswald decided to seek out his own adventure.










Isn’t he just grand?!

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