Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Rainy Day

We have been –13 inches in our rainfall. Grass has turned brown, bushes and shrubs withered and the colorful fall foliage that we usually have, lacks that punch that fall always brings. It just looked plain dull with a capital D.

This past week we were hit with rain. But not just rain. Severe storms. Thunder. Lightening. Tornadoes. Yep. Tornadoes. Fortunately no one locally was killed. There were a few folks with minor injuries and some moderate damage. Aside from the severe weather, it was marvelous to have the rain. I think it may have perked up the fall colors just a bit.

For Wednesday’s playdate with Cupcake girl, we went to lunch and then her 26 visit to the aquarium. Now let me tell you, that girl was dressed to impress. Her mama did a dang good job. Gave her an umbrella (for the little sprinkles that we were still experiencing) and she was good-to-go! My little retro Cupcake Girl!






























































She loves the aquarium and always knows exactly where she wants to start. Penguins are usually first, followed by the rays, butterflies, then sharks.

















































And of course, what would a playdate be without some ice cream? This girl loves her ice cream!! She started with strawberry on a sugar cone that had a stripe of chocolate along the top, then was rolled in sprinkles.























Then she wanted to “share” with me. So we swapped. Now she indulged in chocolate with peanut butter swirl on a sugar cone rolled in chocolate. YUM!












































Now THAT’S a happy face! Go enjoy some ice cream this weekend! We will!

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Amy Arnaz said...

I love the photo of Cupcake hugging the Penguin. And the umbrella photos are wonderful.
In our local newspaper it said the drought in the SW will not end for at least 2 more years and by then Lake Mead will be even lower (it's already down 130 feet which is the lowest it has ever been) and the water will be rationed. I think that means we won't be able to water our lawns anymore.
I didn't know you were also experiencing drought before those flash storms. -13 inches is pretty serious. None of this matters to Cupcake. Wish I could be Cupcake for a day. xoxo Amy