Monday, October 18, 2010

Welcome Fall

How many ways can you tell there is a nip in the air?

1. Leaves changing and falling (if you live leaf-areas)
2. Your hands and feet feel a bit cooler to the touch
3. You need a blanket on the bed at night
4. Hot chocolate and cider make their way to the aisle end-caps
5. “Firewood for Sale” signs pop-up along the road
6. Sweaters and coats appear in the stores and on bodies
7. Long pants cover little 3 year-old legs
8. Etc, etc, etc.

















































































…..for me, I KNOW when the weather turns cool because of Kitty. Dear old Kitty During the summer we rarely see her at night. She sleeps on the sofa in the living room or maybe even outside. But, as soon as the is a slight turn in the weather we hear the run. You know…..the spastic running through the house. Cat-nails scurrying along the wood floor, sliding into the wall and under the furniture. Finally, as night settles in and we settle into the cozy bed, she appears. Ready to make her spot for the night, nestled between my knees on the wool blanket and she does not move. If I proceed to turn over she sometimes gets tossed, but she makes her way back. Back to her warm, cozy spot.





























































Okay, Kitty. I know. Enough pictures. Such attitude.

Welcome fall!

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