Sunday, February 20, 2011


About a month ago I had the pleasure of photographing my first newborn (other than Cupcake). I was nervous, excited, unsure, overjoyed, apprehensive, thrilled, etc. You get the scenario. I prayed hard during the days leading up to the shoot and continued on the drive up. I wanted everything to go well and for the pictures to be amazing. Not for me, well, maybe partially for me, but for Lilly’s parents. These first new photographs are so important and special.

When I arrived and knocked on the door, all of the nervousness disappeared. I felt sure. I felt confident. I felt happy. Then, Lilly wouldn’t go to sleep. She wanted to check me out, see what I was up to, and show me her beautiful eyes. Then I started to get a wee bit nervous. She was suppose to go to sleep. Most of the photographs I had studied were of babies asleep. Most of the lessons I had read pertained to sleeping babies.

Thank you Lilly for not going to sleep, right away. Your eyes inspired me and I believe the most divine photographs were of you awake!

Thank you Lilly for eventually going to sleep. Those photographs are precious. Your sweet face is so angelic.

Thank you Lilly for allowing me to hold and sway you in my arms. You helped me remember those newborn feelings that Mamas experience, even if it was  and long 25 and 21 years ago.

Lilly, you were so sweet and you are so beautiful. Your Mama and Daddy are blessed to have you. I know they love you endlessly, it shows. I saw it in there eyes. I saw it in the way your Mama held you and fed you. I felt it in their home.

Thank you Natalie and Blake, for everything.














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number2137 said...

That's my precious Lilly bug! I love her so much.