Tuesday, February 8, 2011


….in the middle of the night, when I get up to go to the bathroom, I look for that black, furry blog next to my side of the bed so I won’t step on her, but she’s not there

….when it’s time to leave the house I catch myself saying, “Doggies, go to the laundry room” or “Goodbye my doggie friends,” but there’s only one dog

….I feel the brush of fur against my leg as I sit at my computer, but it’s just Kitten

….I glance down at the empty water bowl and wonder why a certain doggie didn’t notify me, then I remember why

….as I walk by the bedroom window I see a little black dog running up the driveway and I wonder if I left the gate open, then I realize it’s just the neighbor doggie going back home

….when I arrive back home and there isn’t any barking, I wonder why, then I remember

….I open the hutch door and I see her food bowl still sitting there and I leave it, just because

….when I have to buy doggie snacks I realize I don’t have to get the senior dog biscuits anymore

Sometimes, I miss her more than other times.


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Traci said...

Sunday night Mady was asking me about doggies bottoms(another story in itself) but she looked at me and said

Mommy, when I am at nunu's I still really miss Abby

... you are not the only one missing her...