Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reb Goes to Preschool

Valentine’s Day was this past Monday and Cupcake Girl had her first Valentine’s Day Party at preschool. She wasn’t really sure what a “Valentine Party” was all about, but her Mama and I tried our best to describe it. One thing she knew for sure, was that her Aunt Reb was traveling in for a short visit and was coming to the party. Yipee! She was pretty excited about that!

Cupcake was all decked out in her pink tutu, pigtails and rain boots. When the class walked in from playing outside, Cupcake was the “caboose.” Boy did her eyes lite up when she saw Reb. She gave Reb a quick little hug, then joined her class on the carpet to get ready for snack.


Those little kiddos are so cute and funny. They all seemed a bit calm at first and while they ate, but following snack those little bundles found their excitement button. During music time they were singing a song called Who Do You Love. Throughout the song they passed around a little monkey to a person they love. Cupcake gave it to Reb.


Following music was sharing time then, ding, it was time to go home. The class passed out their Valentines earlier that morning so the party took up the last hour of preschool. After most of the kids left, Cupcake took her Reb by the hand and showed her all the exciting things the classroom offered.


Cupcake and I took Reb to a favorite lunch spot, Taco Mamacitas, and we were joined by two of Reb’s former co-workers. Cupcake Girl was delightfully funny, as usual.  After lunch we had to leave Reb and head back to Cupcake’s house to decorate for Valentine’s Day. When we were in the car she said, “I just yuv Reb!” Me too, Cupcake, me too. And most of all she loves you!
















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