Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This Morning

I thought I heard a strange racket this morning while I was trying to wake up. What had that Kitten gotten into now? It wasn’t her usual “running through the house” noise. The closet door in the hallway was open. Now how did she do that? Oh well, I closed it.

A bit later, while I was checking email, there was more unusual noise and a shrill critter sound. Plus the dog was whining. Okay, okay, let me see what’s going on.














What is she up to?














She was very serious and not moving a muscle. Grabbed the flashlight and look what I found….














Oh my.














Dang. How did that little critter get in here? Bet I know. The Great Hunter Kitten. She loves to bring in critters and let them go so she can hunt them in the comfort of her own surroundings.














After several attempts to persuade Mouse Critter to leave the sanctuary underneath the bookcase and be captured by cat or dog, I gave up. I don’t know if Mouse Critter is still in the confines of our bedroom, but I wasn’t the only one to give up.














She is such a bum! Prefers catching some zzzzzz’s in the sunlight rays over hunting. Let’s just hope Mouse Critter leaves the premises before bedtime or we are in for a night of stalking and pouncing.


SarahKL said...

Ahhhh! When I read the first few lines, I thought - there has to be a critter... :)

I LOVE the last picture of your kitty... I need to take more photos of Snooker!

Donna said...

It was pretty funny! And that critter is so cute AND the Kitten is a bum! LOL!

Amy Arnaz said...

Good Morning Donna~
I just now clicked on the other blog your created with a photo from each day. Love it! And this post with the mouse & cat photos is precious -- NOT as precious as the posts about Cupcake of course. Your photos are the best. I love the photos of Cupcake at pre-school in her ballet skirt. Right on Cupcake. Thanks Donna, for a fun visit this morning. xoxo Amy