Saturday, April 23, 2011

And The Winner Is…..

It was late. Sweet Cupcake Girl was here last night for a sleepover and was nestled in her little bed. The Captain was down in his cave and I, well I was trying to keep my eyes open. I felt a little out of sorts, but attributed it to tiredness. As I glanced through blogs on my favorite iPad App, Blogshelf, I saw that iheartfaces had posted the winners of the Wind Challenge.

I really love this website and even had the opportunity to meet Amy & Angie last year in Nashville. Week after week these ladies offer up photo challenges and tutorials for all levels of photographers. It doesn’t matter if you have a point/shoot or the big, fancy mega-bucks camera. That’s what is so awesome about iheartfaces. Last week the photo challenge was wind. I had the perfect photograph, so, I posted it on my blog then entered/linked it up to their website.

When I glanced at the iheartfaces blog on my Blogshelf, I thought, what the heck. Let’s see who won. The winner? It was a beautiful photo and definitely deserved 1st place, but it wasn’t mine. Sigh. As I was making my way through the Top Ten finishers, I stopped. I saw the words Ninth Place then I read the words: Ninth Place: Lulu Loves. What? Are you serious? Then I saw the picture.















THE PICTURE! And it was mine! I placed #9 out of 503 entries. My heart was overjoyed! It was midnight, but I called both my daughters and my sweet Captain (via the phone intercom).

There really isn’t a particular story behind this picture. It was taken on March 11, outside at Cupcake’s house. It was a beautiful sunny day, but was certainly windy. She happened to be standing in front of me, looking down at something in her hands and I saw her long, blonde hair blowing across her face. But the really captivating thing that took hold of my heart was her beautiful, long, dark eyelashes (just like her Daddy’s). I wanted to capture those gems and capture them I DID! I truly love this photograph. It may not be “technically” correct, but it speaks volumes to me.

So a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to iheartfaces founders Amy & Angie, for ALL that you do and to Guest Photographer Judge, Rosina Waszaj. Thank you also to Traci and Zak for “producing” such a beautiful and most of the time, willing subject. I do love her with all my heart. And finally, a great big ’ole kiss and hug to my Cupcake Girl. You tolerate/indulge Nunu’s camera in your face, all the time.

On a recent trip I saw a quote by Joseph Bruchac, an Abenaki Indian author. He said, We teach our children our history through our stories. Our stories remember when people forget. The only addition I would like to make to Mr. Bruchac’s quote is to insert the word photographs after the word stories. Our stories and photographs remember when people forget. We are so busy being busy, we sometimes miss the moment. For me, photography captures that moment. Photographs are pieces of life. Moments in time. It’s how we remember.


Amy Arnaz said...

Love those long, dark eyelashes. What a wonderful photo. Congratulations on placing 9th out of 503. Wow! I clicked over to the blog you recommended (iheartfaces) and bookmarked it. Looks like a great resource. Have a wonderful Easter today. xoxo Amy

Stine said...

Congratulations :)

deb duty said...

Donna-I was checking out the other winners on i heart faces just now and your photo really caught my attention. So I clicked over to see your blog and I realized that I think we were both in the same class of Karen Russell's last year. That's funny that we both won the same week! Congrats to you! It's a really lovely photo.