Thursday, April 28, 2011


When she was a little girl she was attached to me at the hip or legs or feet. She was a Mama’s girl (and still is, but shhhhh).

She loved her babies, just like her big sister. Her favorite was Rosie, who was almost as big as she, when she first got her. When Rosie’s arm could no longer be repaired, I drove to several stories to find a duplicate. Old Rosie was retired to the attic and New Rosie found her place of honor. I still have both.

From an early age she always had to know how to do something before she did it. From gymnastics to school stuff. This even carried through to her first job at 16. She worried because she wanted to know how to perform the tasks before she even started the job. She worried for no reason. She did great!

She is quiet, but she certainly has a goofy side. See?

























She makes me laugh.

























She has faced some adversity.

























Of course with that face above, adversity turned tail and ran!












She is very intelligent.














Well…’ll just have to take my word for it.

She left high school at the start of her junior year to attend a middle college high school at our local community college. She says it seems like she has been in college forever. She’s right.
























And now? Now she will be graduating this Saturday. I am so proud of her.






















Let’s hope she finds her happy face before graduation!

I love you Kayla.

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Traci said...

this made me laugh until the last pic.. then I teared up.. I want to be there so bad! :( I am so proud of her! She is beautiful smart and weird.. what more could I ask for in a sister!?! xoxo to her!

Mady says: Thoes pictures are fuuuunny. She was wit me in some.

Thank goodness I have my own little Kayla.. :) There isnt another person on this planet I would wish my daughter would be like!