Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Package for Me?

Thursday afternoon, after a great day of riding the local trolley 3 times (a.k.a. electric shuttle), a visit to the downtown library, sharing some cheese pizza followed up by her favorite “chakit” ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s, we arrived back at Cupcake’s house to a package at the door. It was a small package, but we could clearly see it from the street.

Cupcake: Look Nunu, a package.
Me: Yep, I see it. Must be for Mommy or Daddy.
Cupcake: Let’s “yook” and see.
Me: Okay.
As we are unlocking the door I pick up the package and discovered her name on it.
Me: Well, looks like it’s for you. It has your name on it.
Cupcake: Really? Can we open it?
Me: Sure. I don’t think Mommy will mind. It see it’s from you Mimi and Papaw. Remember where they live? (Mimi and Papaw are my parents and Cupcake’s great-grandparents)
Cupcake: Georgia.
Me: That’s right. Okay. Let’s get it open. Oh wow! It’s a book. And it’s about Easter.
Cupcake: Will you read it to me now?
Me: Sure. Go get on the sofa and I’ll get you some milk.
A few brief seconds later while I was in the kitchen, she comes running in.
Cupcake: Nunu, Nunu. That book has Jesus in it. I saw Jesus in it.

Now, I hadn’t looked at the book, except for the cover, but assumed it was about eggs, bunnies and the such. I didn’t even notice the little church on the cover and Cupcake had been flipping through it, then toward the end, she found a picture of Jesus.

We sat on the sofa and read this wonderful book together. I love how it talked about all that happens at Easter from eggs to bunnies, chicks and baskets. But the most important thing it talked about was how much God loves us. And as the end of the book says, “That is what Easter is about.”

Thank you Mimi and Papaw! Thank you for loving your great-granddaughter!


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