Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Hot Mess

This area has been a hot mess for a couple of weeks now. I just can bear to clean up this visual inspiration.


















Located in our combination den/kitchen, Cupcake Girl loves her little craft area and I love to watch her create when she stays with us. She painted the wood chips, in the picture below right, blue, black and purple, then proceeded to make different kinds of patterns.









Her note below says I am taking this home. She wanted to write herself a reminder to take a picture home she had made. I wrote out the words and she copied them (she asked me to write the G).
































When I’m working on a project she paints, tapes, cuts, tapes, jabbers, tapes, stamps and tapes some more. Do you get the feeling she likes tape? Yep, girl likes her some tape! Thanks to her sweet Aunt Reb she has decorative tape and she knows how to use it to its full capacity.
















She asked me to cute out a leotard and tutu from some fabric then she pieced them together with her beautiful matching tape. Gorgeous work Cupcake Girl!

JUST A LITTLE NOTE: Not only does she create her hot messes at my house, she does the same at her house! Take a look at my sweet daughter’s blog.

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Traci said...

haha.. she is so talented and creative! Who would know her love for tape would be this huge!