Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring and Easter Preparations

For reasons unbeknownst to me, Spring has been a bit more meaningful this year. I have taken more photos, bought more springy crafts and have been aware of lights, colors, sounds and smells more than ever. Even the our dogwood tree in the front yard has bigger and certainly more beautiful blooms this year. It must been feeling it too!


Over the past few months I’ve been actively pinning lots of ideas onto my Easter Board on Pinterest (I love Pinterest – thank you oldest daughter for introducing me). This has been a great idea board for me and I do believe others have agreed. I truly wanted to complete several things, but reality set in and well, you know the rest. BUT, I do have to say I have completed a couple of the ideas as well as some of my own ideas.

Up first is this cute Fabric Easter Basket courtesy of Moda Bake Shop with V and Co providing the tutorial. I purchased my Moda Clementine Honey Bun from eBay and started the process. The one alteration from the tutorial I did was to hot glue the basket coils together instead of sew them. The glue does show a bit and I might would attempt to sew it next time. I am so happy with the results! I think my little Cupcake Girl likes it too!


As you see above, there are some unique eggs gathered in the basket. These eggs were from a tutorial for a Yarn Egg Wreath. I discovered that wrapping plastic eggs is not as easy as it looks! Currently I have only yellow (they look white in the picture) and multi-colored ones. I still need to a few other colors and I don’t know that I will get an actual wreath made, but again, I love how the eggs turned out (so far). I’m going to give the egg-wrapping a little more thought and see if I can make it a little easier.

Cupcake Girl decorated some foam eggs for me and I love how they bring beautiful color to my kitchen window sill, especially the face on one of the eggs. The bunnies in the background were inspired from the Pieces of Me blog. Cupcake and I made a bunny banner for her house and there were some left over, so they now grace my window. After we made the banner, we decorated a wall in our house to see how they looked. Love them!


DSC_1508 DSC_1507

2012-03-22 11.34.452012-03-22 11.34.56

I still want to make a few more things and I’ve got the supplies to make them. Here they are along with their links:

I Can Teach My Child – Fabric Collage Easter Basket

Easter Egg Candle Holder from The CSI Project

Fabric Carrots (I’ve got great fabric for these) from Clare’s Craft Room

And finally a parting shot. After all, what’s Spring without bubbles…..and someone to share them with!


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