Friday, March 9, 2012

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Me: Hey Cupcake, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Cupcake: I’m going to the University of Georgia and be a make-up artist. (yes, she said this)

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Me: Ohhh. I see. That would be fun.

2012-02-23 09.57.542012-03-02 18.34.16

Cupcake: I think I have what it takes, don’t you?

2012-03-01 11.59.01

Me: Well, maybe. You are pretty good with those barrettes.

Cupcake: Yea, I know just the right place to put ‘em!

Me: And you’re crafty and able to give a person different looks. That’s a plus!

2012-02-11 16.30.19

Cupcake: I have good teachers. And you know what else? I know how to wear any kinda hat!

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Skipper the Dog: If she goes to UGA, can I go with her and apply for the mascot position?

2012-03-03 14.41.02

Kitten the Cat: Oh my gosh! You’re not a bulldog you three legged mutt!


Me: Well, you just talk to your Mom and Dad about your career aspirations okay?

Cupcake’s Mom (sternly): She’s not going to be a makeup artist, she’s going to be a scientist!

Me: In that case, she can’t go to the University of Georgia! (sorry Zak)

2012-02-15 18.10.27

Cupcake: Okay, fine! Vanderbilt here I come!

Disclaimer: All photos taken with my rather crappy android and some of the above conversation was embellished. Also, I was not paid by Vanderbilt University for this endorsement. Go ‘Dores!

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