Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Two Desks – Their Desks

Back in February I spent a couple of days with my parents. We had a great time antiquing and eating. On Sunday my Dad headed out to teach his Sunday School class and I crept through their house while my Mother slept in for a bit. I love their house. It’s cozy, clean smelling and filled with lovely light. My parents are wonderful decorators and always pay attention to even the smallest detail.

I decided to pick up my camera, walk around and capture some of their essence. The blinds weren’t open yet, but light was filtering in through the tiny openings, as well as through the sheer curtains. You know, there was so much that I could have captured, and I will next time, but this time there were two places that truly spoke to my heart. Two very special places.

The first is my Dad’s nook, otherwise known as his office. I love his office, I truly do. Sometimes I just sit in his chair and meditate. The funny thing is, almost every time I visit he has rearranged it. There aren’t very many ways to rearrange, but he takes advantage of what space he has. When you walk in it smells of him. This office speaks of his past and present with little mementos, photographs and notes tucked here and there.



Daddy has a certain system for his calendar. I don’t fully understand it, but I’m not the one who needs to. At his desk he prepares birthday cards well in advance for mailing out (and on time I might add), studies his Sunday School lesson, writes out bills and keeps things sorted and filed. Important reminders are taped in a prominent place and those drawers? Well I love those little drawers. They contain all sorts of cool items (don’t’ worry Daddy, I didn’t take any pictures of the insides).


Currently his computer desk is to the right of his roll top desk. I love the little photograph he keeps below his monitor. Pen and paper are always close at hand and he created his own wrist support for his mouse. Love!

Next I made my way to Mother’s nook. My Mother has always had a little desk in the kitchen. It may be small but it is versatile. In the past she has read the newspaper, novels when she can’t sleep, and recipe books. My Mother has macular degeneration and reading is tough for her now, but she still makes out a grocery list and puts on makeup at her desk. It also doubles as a lunch and breakfast table on occasion. The kitchen was a bit dark, so I turned on her desk lamp. Perfect lighting!



She has everything she needs in her desk. Pens, heavy-lined paper (perfect for folks with low-vision), her calendar, TV, telephone, large print address book and important numbers that my Dad printed out in a large size for her. The drawers house her makeup bag and some of her hair styling items.


Like my Daddy, Mother keeps photographs and notes of inspiration just under the glass on her desk. In the photograph on the left, the bottom picture is from December 1971 and my sweet Mother is showing a little leg for my Dad! Adorable! The top picture is a more recent one of them smooching, something they still love to do! The photograph on the right is a sweet note from my brother, David.



This photo is probably one of my favorites. This is my Mother’s “to get” list. I love her handwriting. When I see this, I’m reminded of the letters that she and my grandmother would write each other when I was a little girl. My Mother and Grandmother have very similar handwriting. I treasure this!


I love my sweet parents!



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Sara Broers said...

What a wonderful post! Looks like an awesome place to meditate.