Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Little Snorkeling

Previously, in this post, I said I didn’t want to overwhelm the BBB (Blended-Brady-Bunch) with touristy things. I strived to make their Maui time just that….their Maui time. During the planning stages I did ask tell everyone that I would be planning a group snorkeling adventure. The Captain (my sweet husband) and I have been snorkeling around Maui three previous times and two of those were with Gemini Sailing Charters out of Ka‘anapali Beach. They are really the best! Most the same crew, Jennifer, Captain Jake and Captain Marty, were on this trip and their love for all-things-Maui is as sincere as ever.










Our destination was the Marine Preserve, at Honolua Bay. This area is located on the north western end Maui. There isn’t any fishing allowed here and the sea life diversity is abundant. This little bay is surrounded by high rocky cliffs on both sides which shelters it from the wind and keeps the water calm.


The two photos above were from our 2010 trip.

Our ride out was windy! At one point the boat slowed and we were able to see some sea turtles swimming along the boat. Yes, that is my one picture of the sea turtle. Hopefully some others in the BBB got better better pictures of him/her. Note: Click on a picture to see it larger in a separate window.


Finally we reached Honolua Bay. Let the snorkeling begin! The BBB were filled with excitement, apprehension, a bit of queasiness (sorry Josh) and a little nervousness. Cupcake Girl had not been snorkeling before, but she was up for the challenge of this BIG ADVENTURE for a little girl!






Her mom and dad were soooo proud of her. We all were. Snorkeling isn’t easy for some adults and it certainly isn’t easy for an almost-5-year-old! There’s a great deal of trust involved, as well as understanding the whole breathe-under-water deal and this-float-will-really-hold-me-up thing. According to her mom, at one point she left her face in the water for about 10 minutes just looking. The best part, hearing her giggle through the snorkel every time she saw something cool. So then, we just floated. This was the moment I went to Hawaii for. A moment of bliss, proudness, and beauty. Traci (my older daughter) writes about her perspective of our snorkeling adventure here.

Snorkeling was one of those moments I wish I could have been with everyone while they were floating around and seeing new things. Not possible, but I did have my own great moments.

While floating with Kayla we saw one sea turtle on the ocean floor and then another swimming right underneath us. Whoa! That was awesome!

Note: Disposable underwater cameras are just not my forte. I couldn’t get the hang of it, but I did what I could and at least I can see the turtles, sort of.

Traci and I saw an eel slithering through the water. It was so cool and the pictures just don’t do it justice. I was so excited I couldn’t get the camera focused! It was so cool!


Underwater photo credit to Traci – she’s much better than I!

And now a few more underwater shots (some borrowed from Traci). I love the one of Beanie (The Captain’s younger daughter) floating in the water. I hope her little baby girl (due in November) loved it too!



Toward the end of our snorkeling time, I did get to float around with The Captain. Holding hands, floating in the cold water, listening to the water sloshing all while seeing some beautiful schools of fish swimming around was absolutely delightful! Now that was the best part!

After a yummilicious lunch, provided by The Westin, it was time to set the sails and head back to Ka‘anapali Beach. Sailing with the wind…..




Someone was pretty exhausted and decided to take a little nap. Cupcake Girl was making some zzzzzzzz’s!


We had such a great time! Thanks to my BBB for going all in on this little adventure and the folks at Gemini Charters for the great snorkeling trips they produce. It just doesn’t get any better than that folks!

Oh, one last little look-see at the BBB! I LOVE these pictures! My happy little group!


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